While known to some as "The Old World" - Desktopland is the most economically productive and culturally diverse region of the computing world.

Windows Empire : The successor state of the Dos Republic, the Windows Empire dominates the region - controlling the most valuable resources and influencing the politics of the entire computing world. Nevertheless, the empire's extent has left many of its far-flung provinces underdeveloped and in constant danger from malicious forces.

District 10: The Capital District of the Empire, District 10 is heavily developed, wealthy, and powerful, but its inhabitants are under scrutiny from the constant surveillance of the police state.

District 8: The Location of many of the Empire's ports, this district's economy is oriented towards colonization of the New World, Mobileland. Unfortunately, reluctance among inhabitants to travel has forced the central government's hand away from the development of this district, leaving the land impoverished by comparison to its neighbor.

District 7: The Largest District in the Windows Empire, district 7 is a diverse place of tradesmen, outlaws, and simple country folk. The inhabitants tend to be skeptical of the imperial government and resistant to change, even at the risk of becoming a backwater.

Vista: This district suffered from a series of plagues from which it never recovered.

XP: The oldest of the Windows provinces, this district's placement on the border of the empire, with little protection from the imperial government, leaves it extremely vulnerable to incursions from the east.

Apple Kingdom: The most prominent country of the Unix Peninsula, the Apple Kingdom is considered by many the only serious rival of the Windows Empire in the Region. While smaller than its adversary, and enjoying a less favorable climate, the Apple Kingdom has been made rich by its successful colonies in Mobileland. Unlike its neighbors, the government of the Apple Kingdom maintains strict control over its economy and its citizens, a sacrifice which affords them a highly developed, orderly, and safe land. The Apple Kingdom is renown for its Artistic achievements.

The Free Territories of Linux: A country founded by refugees from lands to the South. Its people value their liberty above all things, braving the harsh conditions of the North in order to enjoy freedom from the despotic governments of other lands. The Free Territories have no central government, instead overseen by several competing but amicable factions. In general, land and property are held in common, and the people of the country are motivated to work hard for the good of all.

Chrome Republic: While it has much in common with the Free Territories, the people of the Chrome republic are less fanatical than their neighbors and are content to live a simple life.

BSD Isle: While its inhabitants are few, they are known for their craftsmanship, upon which much of the economy of the Unix Peninsula is run.